June 20-23, 2023


Get first-hand insights into the financial and consulting industry


Get to know on how to optimally design your career


Expand your network with industry experts


Get in touch with highly motivated and talented individuals

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Process behind this Event For your preparation: Process description for partners and participants

  • Enter your information
  • Upload your CV
  • The BVH team pre-selects the CVs of the candidates
  • You will be contacted with the details of your Speed Dating as soon as one of our company partners has selected you

  • Your personal contact person from the BVH gets in touch with you regarding the Business Speed Datings
  • Submit your latest job offerings to the BVH
  • The BVH team pre-selects the CVs of the candidates
  • Choose the optimal candidates for your Business Speed Datings from the pre-selected CVs
  • Enter the time slot, which works best for you and the BVH provides you with the necessary infrastructure

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